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Walkabout Musical Entertainments

Walkabout Musical Entertainments

Enjoy the videos of Madame Opera's walkabout musical entertainments.
An original, majestic, and enchanting show.

A walkabout musical entertainment of rare beauty worthy of the most important street theatre musical acts. An exciting and uncommon show that blends the original and creative notes of street artists with the elegance of the Italian and international music tradition. At the heart of the show is the representation of pop-opera music, a symbol in the world of Italian music and represented by the extraordinary voice of Madame Opera. The power and beauty of opera music and the originality of these walkabout musical entertainments are worthy of the most exquisite tradition of street theatre and are emphasized by its marvelous luminous dress.

Below are the videos of the concert of Madame Opera's walkabout musical entrainments.

Madame Opera's walkabout musical entertainments are always in motion, ideal for enhancing routes and paths, squares, and villages on the notes of the most beautiful songs of the world pop-opera panorama. The magic and enchantment of light, shining in the evening from the precious flounces of a sumptuous and majestic dress.

La vie en rose - Edith Piaf by Madame Opera
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