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Roaming Musical Acts

Roaming Musical Acts

The most beautiful photos of Madame Opera's roaming musical acts. Out-of-the-box roaming musical acts, perfect for any event, are available worldwide.

Madame Opera is the result of an entertainment production 100% made in Italy, the fruit of great creativity that brings a new and unique show to the stage. A perfect fusion of the originality of street theatre and the elegance of Italian Opera, a combination that becomes incredible and unique among all roaming musical acts.
Madame Opera's design was detailed and allowed us to create musical roaming acts with attention to every detail. All Madame Opera’s roaming musical acts are designed to be transported on wheels to any location and to bring the beauty of Italian Opera around the world with an estimated set-up time of 30 minutes.

Madame Opera's Musical Roaming Acts are perfect for all events

The great originality and elegance of these roaming musical acts make Madame Opera perfect for entertaining any kind of event. There are no limits to the choice of Madame Opera's musical roaming acts. Whether it is a public or private event, outdoor or indoor, or a corporate or institutional celebration, Italian Opera is always a guarantee of special entertainment that exceeds expectations in beauty and emotion. 

A complex electronic system allows Madame Opera to move on wheels to show its roaming musical acts on all kinds of terrain, floors, lawns, and slopes. A careful acoustic study made it possible to amplify Madame Opera's musical roaming acts so that the notes of Italian opera, sung by a talented soprano singer, could reach and enchant every audience and large crowds.
This is why Madame Opera's musical roaming acts become the perfect entertainment solution for your event. 

Roaming Musical Acts of Madame Opera at International Festivals

Its inspiration from street theatre and its nature as a roaming act make Madame Opera one of the most popular and promoted musical roaming acts at famous international festivals.
The majesty and scenography, the skillful use of lights to amplify the emotion of Italian Opera through the voice of a soprano singer, the entertaining nature of the roaming acts, and the rotation that moves like an ancient music box, make Madame Opera the most evocative of all musical roaming acts for evenings, conventions, meetings, and events where elegance is required to amaze the audience.

Madame Opera will enchant the audience with the notes of the most beautiful Italian operas. This is one of the most elegant, brightly-lit roaming musical acts wrapped in the music that makes Italy famous throughout the world. Opera from Verdi to Puccini, opera from Rossini to the present day, opera theatre has never been so enchanting and close to the audience of young and old. Madame Opera's musical roaming acts are the spectacle that stays indelibly in the hearts of the audience at your event.

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