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Walkabout Musical Acts of Madame Opera


Hire Walkabout Musical Acts

Walkabout Musical acts by Madame Opera

Madame Opera has been called by the media as the Queen singer of roaming performers because she is the first pop and opera-pop singer to perform walkabout musical acts, at a height of nearly four metres, for almost two hours.

Madame Opera in her musical walkabout acts takes the audience's breath away through a marvellously styled dress with a stunning, luminous evening version. Madame Opera is one of the most amazing walkabout musical acts you could ever see.

Her unique roaming concerts offers a vast international repertoire in pop and opera-pop versions of the most famous music of all time of Andrea Bocelli, Lucio Dalla, Adele, Celine Dion, Noa, Édith Piaf, etc., making it a one-off concert that will satisfy audiences of all ages, languages, and nationalities.

Why hire Walkabout Musical Acts of Madame Opera?

  • It is the only one among all walkabout musical acts that brings everyone together

  • It is visible from far away: singer height 3.7 m. Ø skirt 2.5 m.

  • It can be heard from a distance thanks to a powerful sound system located under the giant skirt

  • The format of this musical walkabout acts makes Madame Opera perfect for any event even with long distances

  • Madame Opera is the most incredible roaming act among walkabout musical acts with her stunning dress by day and shining dress by night

  • Her vast international OPERA-POP repertoire will please even the most demanding ears

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