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Italian Opera Singer
is the best of Walking Acts

The incredible Italian Opera Singer become the most original street music performance… you are seeing the most incredible street music show among the existing walking acts

As intense as a sweet summer night, as enchanting as the Italian Opera to which this new street music performance is inspired, as exciting as the light of a comet that cuts through the sky and lights up desires... She is Madame Opera the street opera singer, our new street theatre entertainment that transforms every urban space into an "opera house" and makes every event unforgettable with the most amazing street music performance among the existing street music shows.

Madame Opera, street opera singer, imposing in her 4-metre height, majestic in her slow and logical gait, elegant in her rich Baroque dress and incredibly suggestive in her bright evening version, is the best in street music shows matching an astonishing street theatre entertainment with the unforgettable voice of the Italian Opera Singer. Madame Opera, the most incredible solution among musical walking acts, is the street theatre entertainment show for events and ceremonies, galas and corporate events.

The most beautiful arias from its Italian opera and pop-lyric repertoire with the soundtracks of the most famous films of all time will be sung by the street opera singer at the centre of the unique atmosphere that this walking act of street theatre entertainment will give to your event.

Madame Opera is the most prestigious street music performance among street music shows and has already enchanted international festivals of street artists and walking acts, and Italy's most charming historic centres with the beauty of Italian Opera in a street music performance you’ve never seen before.

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