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la regina degli artisti di strada

Street Theatre Entertainment

The first and most original street theatre entertainment about Italian Opera. Madame Opera is a street theatre show available all over the world

You are seeing the most original and amazing street theatre entertainment of all time.

Madame Opera is the output of a show production 100% made in Italy, the result of great creativity that brings to the stage a new and unique show.

A perfect fusion of the originality of street theatre entertainment and the elegance of Italian Opera, a combination that becomes an incredible street theatre entertainment.

Thanks to the emotional performances of the opera singer, Madame Opera street theatre entertainment includes a walking musical performance, which can move along streets and squares enhancing entire routes with a widespread and total street theatre entertainment.

Old and young audience falls in love with the beauty of the sumptuous costume inspired by 18th-century baroque and enhanced by lighting effects that make unique Madame Opera night-time version of street theatre entertainment

A complex electronic system allows Madame Opera to move on wheels to show its walking street theatre performances on all types of ground, floor, lawn and slope.

A careful acoustic study has allowed us to amplify Madame Opera street theatre entertainment so that the notes of Italian opera, sung by a talented soprano singer, could reach and enchant every audience and large crowds.

Madame Opera's design was accurate and allowed us to create a walking show with a special attention to every detail. All Madame Opera street theatre entertainment is designed to be transported on wheels to any location and to bring the beauty of Italian Opera around the world with an estimated set-up time of two hours.

The great originality and elegance of this majestic and scenic walking act makes Madame Opera the perfect show to entertain any kind of event. There are no limits to the choice of Madame Opera. Whether it is a public or private event, outdoor or indoor, a corporate or institutional celebration, Italian Opera is always a guarantee of special entertainment that goes beyond expectations in beauty and emotion.

That's why Madame Opera becomes the perfect street theatre entertainment act to entertain your convention, but also the perfect entertainment solution for your wedding.

Its inspiration from street theatre and its nature as a walking act make Madame Opera one of the most appreciated and promoted musical shows at famous international buskers' festivals.

She is a street theatre entertainment and that is why we suggest Madame Opera as the perfect street theatre show for entertaining city events, new openings and institutional celebrations.

Her reference to Baroque and her celebration of Italian opera music makes Madame Opera the perfect solution for entertaining cultural and artistic events.

The great majesty and scenography, the skilful use of light to amplify the emotion of Italian Opera through the voice of a soprano singer, street theatre entertainment nature and the rotation that moves like an old carillon, make Madame Opera the most evocative walking act for evening events, conventions, meetings and events where elegance is required to amaze the public.

Madame Opera is the magical street theatre entertainment for successful events!

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