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artisti di strada cantanti

A Street Music Performance

Where you hear singing, stop:

wicked men have no songs.

Léopol Sédar Senghor

There has never been a more accurate quote when it comes to street music performances.
Just by mentioning 'street music', the mind gets crowded with street performers, dancers and artists performing in the open spaces of cities! And whatever type of street music performance is manifested in, it cannot be separated from freedom and generosity! Street music is a "gift" for everyone. Street music performances ask nothing more than to be heard. Street music performances are generous because they offer emotions and these are priceless. Street music has no ticket because street music already belongs to everyone!

And it is precisely from the inspiration coming from art and street music performances that Madame Opera was born. A tribute to a musical style that has always been considered for the few, jealously guarded within the theatres, but which is a common heritage: the Italian opera music. This is how opera becomes a walking street theatre entertainment. It becomes street music and returns free and generous to its audience with a walking act of street theatre and music that speaks with passion and depth on the notes of the most beautiful songs of an international lyric repertoire.

A street music performance extraordinarily appreciated by young and old audiences because street music has no age barriers. A perfect street music theatre show, an incredible opera music walking act, the perfect entertainment solution for any kind of event: this is Madame Opera, one of the best street music performances. An international street music show with extraordinary impact, because street music becomes strong and powerful when it is combined with the scenography of light of a special street theatre walking act.

This is from where starts the extraordinary audience success that street music always has with Madame Opera. A new and innovative street theatre walking act that has the evocative power of street music and its history behind it ... a story that is born together with Man.

Our music teacher's answer still rings in our ears.... "When does music begin? Music begins when man begins.".... The surprising thing is that it does not end with him, the street music performances make their most generous gesture by making him "immortal".

And Madame Opera tells this immortality with her street music performance... the greatness of men, stories, loves. And she does so by walking from her four-metre height, through streets and alleys, accompanying the audience with the warbles and notes of a special street music performance, enriching the narrative with the astonishment of a sumptuous dress made of light...
Yes, it is true... Senghor was right .... If you hear Madame Opera singing or hear her street music performance in the distance, stop and enjoy the excitement, you are safe... because evil men have no songs!

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