soprano lirico

Italian Opera Singer

Madame Opera is a show of an Italian Opera Singer who performs in street theatre shows. An amazing Italian show available all over the world

Here are archive images of an exciting and unconventional Italian Opera Singer that blends the original and creative note of street artists' performances with the elegance of the Italian Opera tradition. At the heart of this street theatre production is the performance of Italian Opera, the emblem of Italian excellence represented by the extraordinary voice of the Italian opera singer Madame Opera.

To emphasize the performances of the lyrical soprano, her marvellous luminous costume, the power and beauty of Italian Opera music, and the originality of a walking act worthy of the most exquisite tradition of street theatre entertainment. Musical and itinerant street theatre shows, ideal for enhancing paths and trails, squares and villages on the notes of the most beautiful songs of the world opera scene. And the magic and enchantment of light, in the evening emphasise the impact of Madame Opera's walking act by shining from the precious flounces of a sumptuous and majestic costume from the Baroque era.